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Remember that when dealing with bail bondsmen, that sometimes, you actually get what you pay for. Be careful of the scams and unscrupulous actions that are going on in the bail bonding industry that are disguised as “discount bail bonds”.


When dealing with a bail bondsman you definitely want someone you can trust. We have been in the bonding business in Murfreesboro for over 10 years and our primary goal is to help people. We have to make a living, but not at the expense of giving up on integrity and morals.


Don’t be fooled into thinking the guy charging less has your best interest at heart. Most of the discount bail bondsman are trying to make a quick buck and will not withstand the test of time and will not be there when you really need them most. I have seen these bonding companies pull almost every scam imaginable and they usually find a loophole to make it look legitimate. So again I urge you to call someone you know you can trust. Call Hurst Bail Bonds and let us prove to you that we can make a difference.




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